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Open Water - Referral




3 pool sessions

About the Course

Kent Scuba offers an efficient course structure that maximizes your diving time during your holiday, minimising classroom sessions. Choosing the Referral option with Kent Scuba means completing all pool training and theory sessions in the UK with us. This leaves only the 4 open water dives for you to enjoy while on your vacation.

The Open Water Referral Course aligns with the initial segment of the complete PADI Open Water course.

Upon completion of your training, we'll update the online PADI system or physically endorse your referral forms. You'll then be prepared to visit your selected PADI dive centre to finalise your course.


Getting started is as easy as clicking the "Book Now" button. This will open a booking form for completion and submission. Alongside agreeing to our terms and conditions, you'll proceed with the course payment.

Upon payment, you'll receive an email containing a unique code and a link. Following this link, you'll access the PADI course materials. Here, you'll establish an online eLearning account with PADI, choosing your preferred device—either a computer or an iPad. This code is also necessary should you opt for the Referral option.

The e-manual consists of 5 chapters with knowledge checks and a final assessment. Studying each chapter and completing all knowledge assessments beforehand is crucial before attending our classroom session. During this session, we'll review the fundamentals with you, ensuring your comprehensive understanding and addressing any queries you may have.

As part of the PADI course, you'll be required to use a diving computer—a watch-style device offering crucial underwater information like depth and time. Beyond its instructional necessity, it's paramount for your safety. We'll impart the knowledge and skills to proficiently operate and engage with it, understanding its indispensable role in diving.

An App is available for personalization, allowing you to tailor the experience to your preferences. Upon your arrival, a £100 deposit will be required. This deposit grants access to one of our computers for your training duration. Upon completion, you have the option to return the computer and retrieve your deposit or pay an additional amount to acquire a brand new device directly from us, linking it to the App for continued diving adventures.


This phase takes place in the Whitstable swimming pool, guiding you from basic kit assembly to advanced skills like hovering and underwater kit manipulation. The skill progression ensures confidence builds naturally, each skill building upon the last, facilitating a comfortable learning pace. Additionally, you'll need to swim 200m using any stroke and demonstrate the ability to tread water or float for 10 minutes. We strive to provide ample time for skill practice, ensuring you feel prepared for the next steps.

To enrol in the Open Water Referral course, you'll need:

- Reasonable health

- Age over 10 years old*

*Participants under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult

Kent Scuba looks forward to guiding you through this streamlined course, allowing you to enjoy more diving time and less classroom hours during your holiday.

Your Instructor

Colin Sharp

Colin Sharp

Colin has been a certified scuba diving instructor for many . He has a passion for teaching and loves nothing more than introducing people to the amazing world of scuba diving. Colin is patient, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his students have a great experience.

Julie is an experienced instructor and qualified nurse which gives her the knowledge to help with any medical issue. The kids love her due to her patience and expertise.

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