Diving Club

  • Would you like to join our fun but sensible bunch for trips within the UK and abroad? (Macho, ‘gung ho’ types need not apply).

  • Looking for a diving club without all the internal politics or cliques that normally beset some clubs?

  • Interested in saving money in dive purchases?

  • Or just want to join us for an “après dive” social?

We are a lively bunch who enjoy a fun but safe approach to diving; without any ‘macho’ type attitude; nor any of the petty internal politics that beset some clubs. Neither do we restrict membership to PADI divers – divers from any training agency are welcome (BSAC, SSA, CMAS etc.) as are non divers too.

We also constantly strive to improve club membership benefits through member’s Special Offers on kit, courses and dive trips whilst minimising the costs to all.

Then drop us a line, or pop by for a chat and a coffee. You never know – we could be just what you are looking for!

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Annual Club Membership Payments

To make it easier for you to join or renew your membership, we are now able to receive your payment on-line. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay via this route using a debit or credit card.
Or if you’d prefer, pop in for a chat and we can arrange your membership in just a few moments.

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Diving Club

  • We are a lively bunch who enjoy a fun but safe approach to diving. Be sure to check out our diving club page for more information.

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