Learn the benefits and procedures for diving safely with enriched air nitrox.

“Nitrox” is just another word for any mixture of nitrogen and oxygen such as air – which is  mixture of 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Enriched air nitrox (EANx) is the correct term we use to describe oxygen enriched air. As you will know from your PADI Open Water program, we are limited, due to the amount of nitrogen we absorb during a dive, as to the length of time we can remain at any depth. If we reduce that amount of nitrogen and replace it with safe levels of oxygen, we are able to increase our bottom time. For those of you interested in staying underwater longer, or increasing your safety margins, this course this can be a great bonus; for example 70 minutes at 22 metres using EANx36 compared with 37 minutes using air.

Whats Involved: You will learn

  • The theory, benefits, risks and procedures of diving with enriched air nitrox.
  • How to plan your dives safely and finding the right mix for you.
  • To analyse the contents of your cylinder.
  • How to obtain Nitrox from a filling station.

The Enriched Air Nitrox Diver course is one of the many specialities that you can build on to attain the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, the highest non professional rating in recreational scuba diving.

Course Prerequisite

Open Water Diver or equivalent.

Course Price: £195

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