Do I have to join your club to come diving or to do a course?
No, we are a professional dive centre and although we do have a club, membership is purely optional. Our dive club is about socialising with like-minded people and having fun. There is no obligation to join.
If I want to learn to dive, do I have to buy any equipment?
No, we include all equipment hire at no extra cost with our entry level courses; i.e. Discover Scuba, Scuba Diver, Open Water etc. We would rather that you use our kit (at no charge) so that you can become a better informed customer, i.e. try “this” or “that” make/brand so that you can make up your own mind what you like (or don’t like). There’s no “hard sell” from us, so even if eventually you don’t buy from us, you still know what you do (or don’t) like.
What’s the catch? There has to be something that’s not included with your entry level courses?
No catch. The only thing not included is you getting there!
I’m a qualified diver but I don’t have any dive equipment, can you supply equipment so that I can come diving with you?
Yes. We hire kit so you can come diving anytime.
Do you sell dive equipment?
Yes, and much more than is listed in our on-line shop; because our stock is constantly changing and new deals arriving. We also have “packages” on offer.
I have never dived in the UK, can I come diving with you?
Sure thing! We can introduce you to UK diving, on a supervised dive, with full surface support in attendance and to buddy you up with someone with the appropriate experience to ensure you have fun (safely).
I learned to dive with a different training organisation, can I come diving with you?
Yes. Divers from any training organisation agency are welcome (PADI, NAUI, IAHD BSAC, SSA, SSI, CMAS etc.).
I don’t have a dive buddy, can you match me up with someone appropriate?
Yes. We can make sure that you dive with a suitably experienced buddy.
If I don’t feel comfortable with a dive (or dive buddy) do I have to make the dive?
Any diver can “call the dive” at any time without any reason. You can also ask us to change your buddy at anytime. If you don’t want to make the dive for any reason you are under no obligation.
The course that I’m interested in says that it can be completed in a certain number of days, are these consecutive days (as that would mean that I would need to take time off work)?
No. These are given as an indication as to how long the course would take on a continuous basis, but the vast majority of our courses are spread over a number of days in order to give you more flexibility and to work around your busy schedule.
Is there an age limit?
There’s no upper age limit, lower age limits are 8 years for the Bubblemaker and 10 years for the Junior Open Water Course.
How much do you charge for a course? Is it expensive to learn to dive?
All our prices are published on-line. Please take a look at the course that you are interested in, and you will find the price included there.
Can you service my dive equipment?
Yes, we can service and maintain all types of dive equipment. With our Equipment Specialist course we can also show you how to properly care for your kit and possibly save expensive repairs.
I can’t see anything on the Trips page that interests me. What else is on offer?
Our Trips page is very fluid. If you don’t see something today that interests you, maybe tomorrow something that does interest you will be added. The Trips page is constantly changing and growing, so please drop by regularly and check out the latest. Or why not suggest something to be added.
Can non divers come on the dive trips?
Yes. Everyone is welcome, bring the kids (or granny) if you like.
Do you dive locally?
Yes. Take a look at our Trips page to see what’s on offer; and at our Gallery to see some examples of what fascinating things can be seen.
Do you have pool sessions so that I can practice my diving?
Yes, we are in the pool having fun most weeks.
I haven’t dived for years, can I do a refresher course?
Yes, this will take about 3 hours in total, with a brush up of your dive skills in the pool, plus a review of the theory side of things too.
If I have a medical condition, can I still dive?
Yes, depending on what the medical condition is. We have a medical form for all divers to complete, depending on your answers you may need to get the form countersigned by your own doctor
Do you fill dive cylinders?
Yes we do (provided the cylinders is in test) up to 300 bars. If your cylinder is “out of test” we can deal with that too.
Do you sell gift vouchers?
Yes we do; in multiples of £5 or for a specific item, e.g. a course etc.
I can’t find the answer to my question. What can I do?
No problem, contact us with your query and we’ll see what we can do to help.



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