Learn the skills, knowledge, procedures and techniques for effective underwater navigation.

fundamental aspect of safe diving is the ability to successfully maintain awareness of your position relative to your dive entry and exit point. If you think back to your first open water dives, you were almost certainly totally reliant upon your instructor for such essential skills. As you develop as an independent diver it is crucial that you replicate those navigation skills in order to safely enjoy your diving.

This speciality will teach you the techniques and methods used to ensure that, particularly in limited visibility environments, you always know where you are relative to your entry point.

What’s involved: Help familiarise you with:-

  • The skills, knowledge, planning, organisation, procedures and techniques required for effective underwater navigation.
  • The problems and hazards of underwater navigation.
  • The methods of estimating distance underwater.
  • natural navigation techniques.
  • underwater patterns coupled with compass navigation techniques.

On completion of the course you will be awarded the PADI Underwater Navigator Speciality award. This can be accredited as one of the five speciality ratings a diver has to attain to achieve the highest non-instructional qualification on the PADI curriculum – Master Scuba Diver.

Course Prerequisite

Open Water Diver (or Junior. Open Water) or equivalent.

Course Price: £195

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